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Fic: Train Ride (Because Ith is bad with titles.)

A little present for B and Jess, because I love their kids so very much, and 'cause I love them too. Ta, darlings!

It had only been a few days since she’d seen Adie, but even that small span of time felt like weeks. She was waiting for him now, standing on Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, scanning the crowd, hoping to get a glimpse of dark hair, of his lovely eyes, of the smile she knew he reserved just for her. She’d gotten there early, put her trunk away, greeted the few people already there, and now all she had to do was wait.
But she didn’t have to wait long. Barely an hour after her arrival, she saw him, walking next to Mo O’Reilly. They were talking about something, both grinning, and Adie had a friendly arm over Mo’s shoulders. She wondered briefly what they were discussing - Mo’s grin was a bit wider, a bit more joyous than usual, and Eve couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen her friend look quite so happy.
And then their eyes met, and Eve drew in a breath as his face lit up at the sight of her. His smile, that wide, beautiful smile warmed her like nothing else could, and she couldn’t help smiling back, beaming joyfully as he abandoned Mo and his belongings and started pushing his way through the crowd to get to her. Mo laughed and shook her head, but took Adie’s trunk anyway, pulling it along with her own. Eve made a mental note to thank her later, than forgot all about it as she saw Adie getting closer to her. He jumped over the trunk of some poor, bewildered-looking first year, and she laughed at him, but then he was there, right in front of her, and her laughter was being swallowed in a deep, passionate kiss. She kissed him back immediately, moaning softly in the back of her throat as his hands slid up her sides, cupping her breasts. When his thumbs brushed over her nipples, she pulled her mouth away from his, gasping. "Adie!"
"Hullo, darlin’," Adie said softly. "I missed you."
"I missed you too...oh!" Eve gasped, surprised, as Adie grabbed her and picked her up off the ground, holding her in a fireman’s carry. "What are you doing?"
"Carrying you off to have my way with you, of course," said Adie, grinning. "Think we can find an empty compartment?"
"If we can’t, you’ll probably just throw some poor first-years out of theirs," Eve said, trying not to grin back at him (and failing miserably).
"True enough," Adie said, and stepped onto the train.

Thankfully, he never ended up having to throw anybody off. The very last compartment on the train was still empty, and he carried Eve into it, lowering his mouth to hers for another hungry kiss the minute the door closed behind them. When they parted to breathe, Eve licked her lips, and Adie groaned softly and deposited her gently on the bench. As he locked the compartment door and put up a Silencing Spell, Eve cast a charm to prevent pregnancy, and when Adie turned back around she was sitting on the bench, her skirt rolled up to her waist, bare legs spread wide.
Adie nearly swallowed his tongue. "Eveline," he whispered, and walked slowly over to her, kneeling in front of her. "No panties, love? How thoughtful," he murmured in a low, rough voice that sent shivers up her spine.
"Well, I am a Ravenclaw. Planning ahead you know...oh...oh Adie!"
Adie raised his eyes to hers, pinning her with a smoldering look, his hands sliding up to clutch her thighs as his tongue moved inside her. ", love you so much, oh Merlin!" Eve gasped, and for once he didn’t make the usual pun, partly because he had no desire to stop tasting her and partly because he knew if he did she would probably kill him. So he continued licking her, tongue moving in languid circles inside her, his clever, naughty hands exploring her body, relearning every curve and plane until she couldn’t even form words, just little breathy gasps that drove him half-mad from wanting her. His tongue sped up, and so did his hands, and her fingers tangled in his hair as his fingers found her breasts, and when they closed around her nipples she threw her head back and moaned, low and deep, convulsing as the orgasm consumed her.
When she came down from that high, he was still licking her, having returned to the slow, maddening circles of a few moments before, and his thumbs were mimicking that movement on her breasts. "Adie," she gasped, some small measure of coherence temporarily restored. ", I want you. Inside me,, don’t want to wait..."
Adie groaned softly and stood, fumbling with his trousers, and when he finally had them off, he tossed them aside, not even caring where they ended up. He, she noticed with no small measure of glee, hadn’t bothered with knickers either. "Eveline," he whispered, and leaned down, lifting her off the bench and into his arms, kissing her deeply as he slid into her. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and he pressed her against the wall, bracing his hands on either side of her head and continuing to kiss her as he rode her in a slow, scooping motion that made her whimper against his mouth. Eventually, he sped up, and the whimpers got louder, the kisses more desperate, until he was pounding her into the wall and moaning into her mouth as he came inside her.
When he recovered, he staggered over to the bench and lied down on his back, Eve still on top of him and around him, and smiled foggily up at her, reaching up to play with a strand of her hair. "Hi, love," he said softly. "I missed you."
"Mmm. Missed you too, Oberon," she said softly, returning the smile. "Love you."
"Love you, Titania," Adie said softly, putting a special emphasis on the first syllable - and flicking her nipple lightly with his nails to punctuate it.
Eve gasped, then laughed, soft and breathless. "That’s nearly as bad as the Adam and Eve jokes..."
"Oh, I dunno. I liked Mo’s notion about walking around in fig leaves."
"Mmm, so do long as you’re not just wearing the two strategically placed ones she suggested. At least not in public," she said, moving delightfully on top of him. "I’m against sharing."
"You don’t have to share me, love," Adie said, soft but fervent. "Not ever. You’ve turned me on to the joys of monogamy. In fact, you’ve just turned me on, period."
"Oh, really?" Eve murmured softly. "I have, have I?"
"Aye, and if you’ll give me a minute, I’ll prove it."
"Such poetry, Mr. McCormack..."
"You want poetry, darlin’? How’s this? There once was a lady from Lower East Dipples, who was blessed with an astounding pair of..."
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