Maximum Security Birdhouse (crazedcrusader) wrote in glamming,
Maximum Security Birdhouse

Body-swapping smutlet! For B and Jess!

The explanation for this thing is posted at aspogak. *nod* So, y' it there and stuff.

The first thought Adie had, when he opened his eyes and found himself staring at his own face, was that it might be time to seriously consider slowing down the whiskey intake, just a little bit. The second thought, when he looked down and realized that he had woken up with tits – again – was that it might be a better idea to speed it up instead. The third thought was the realization that those tits weren’t the same ones he’d had last time, the fourth was that he knew them from someplace, and the fifth was that they were his girlfriend’s tits, which meant that he was in Eve’s body, which probably meant that she was in his. Considering that they’d been drinking with Aidan and Mo the night before, any other possibility seemed scary and not-at-all-good – though he supposed he should be glad he was in his girlfriend’s body, since he was sure Aidan wouldn’t appreciate his having such an intimate knowledge of Mo’s (and he wouldn’t appreciate having an intimate knowledge of Aidan’s).
As he watched his own sleeping form, it began to stir, and his eyes opened, locked with the ones he was staring out of, and widened in shock. Even in his body, Eve took on a very distinct expression when she was working out a particularly challenging problem, so he knew it was her even before she whispered his name. “Aye...hullo, love,” he murmured softly, blinking in surprise to hear her voice saying his words. “I think we’re gonna have an interesting day.”
”Interesting? Is that what you call it?” his voice replied, and some vestige of his girlfriend must still have been in her body, because he felt a shiver go through him at the sound of his own voice (which was not a normal reaction). “Because I’d call it really bloody weird.”
“Well, aye, that too,” he admitted. “But y’know, could be worse...y’could’ve woken up in bed with Aidan.”
”Or with Mo,” she replied, and that just gave him visual images that would probably get him in trouble, but were pleasant enough to be worth it. “Pervert.” He blinked in surprise, and she smiled with his lips, reaching over to touch her cheek with his hand. “You just got the same look I always get when I’m having dirty thoughts about you.”
“Oh,” he said softly. “Uh...”
“It’s not that weird, actually,” she said. “I mean, not really. It’s just...another part of myself I can share with you.” And before he could figure out what she meant, or do anything but blink at her, she leaned over and kissed him, and ohfuck, that was strange. It was his mouth, but it wasn’t, and it was her mouth, but it wasn’t, and it was new and different, but it wasn’t, because it was still them. It was his hands sliding under Eveline’s shirt, hers pulling at the waistband of his trousers, his palms brushing her breasts.
They knew each other, intimately, but they knew themselves even better, and so Adie knew just where to put his hands, and Eveline knew just where her mouth should go, and it was no problem at all to bring each other to the brink and then fall over it, time and time again, until they were wrung out, panting and sweaty, clinging to each other and waiting to die, because surely nobody could live for long after an experience like that.
“Fuck,” Adie whispered after a second, and then laughed in surprise at the sound of the word leaving him in his girlfriend’s voice. “Sounds good comin’ from you, darlin’,” he teased her. “You should say it more often.”
“I’d rather do it more often,” Eveline retorted, and smirked up at him when he looked at her in surprise. “Well, I’m you, aren’t I? It’s up to me to be all salacious and pervy.”
His last thought, as she pulled him in for a kiss, was that maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all.

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