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Don't Get Us Wrong

The Adam/Eveline OTP Community
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Don't get me wrong if I'm looking sorta dazzled
I see neon lights whenever you walk by
Don't get me wrong if you say hello and I take a ride
Upon a sea where the mystic moon is playing havoc with the tide
Don't get me wrong

Adie McCormack and Eveline Williams are two very different students. He's a 17-year-old rock star, a Gryffindor transfiguration expert, and he's always making some sort of mischief. She's a 16-year-old writer-to-be, a Ravenclaw History of Magic buff, and she's as sweet as they come.

Don't get them wrong, though. They're very much in love. Together, they're one of Hogwarts's happiest couples.

Don't get me wrong if I'm acting so distracted
I'm thinking about the fireworks that go off when you smile
Don't get me wrong if I split like light refracted
I'm only off to wander across a moonlit night

Adam McCormack is a 156-year-old half-demon. His wife, Evie Williams McCormack, is a good 126 years younger than him, and fully human (except for the occasional STP), but that doesn't matter. They're in love. They're gars-biedrs.

They work at The New York Journal and for D.E.M.O.N., but more importantly, they've got four kids whom they love very much: Bal, Miah, and Abis and Omri. But don't get them wrong either. They're the happiest, albeit most unconventional, little family you've ever seen.

Once in a while two people meet
Seemingly for no reason, they just pass on the street
Suddenly thunder, showers everywhere
Who can explain the thunder and rain?
But there's something in the air

How did it all begin?

For Adie and Eveline, It Just Happened. For Adam and Evie, it was Fated To Be.

Their love is a glamorous affair.

Don't get me wrong if I come and go like fashion
I might be great tomorrow, but hopeless yesterday
Don't get me wrong if I fall in the mode of passion
It might be unbelievable, but let's not say so long
It might just be fantastic, don't get me wrong

Don't get us wrong. We love our OTP.

adie_mccormack and adam_mccormack belong to the incomparable thieving_gypsy; eveline_w and evie_williams belong to the unstoppable julianelupin. Hogwarts and all Harry Potter-related material belong to J.K. Rowling, Scholastic, Warner Bros., etc. Buffy the Vampire Slayer also belongs to Warner Bros. The song "Don't Get Me Wrong" is by The Pretenders (but we like Ainslie Henderson's version too). But I'm pretty sure everything else is ours. So no stealing, 'kay? Just worship. Thanks.