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Forever. Adam/Evie NYJ2

My small contribution for the OTP ^^. For B and Jessica.


When Adam first loved Eve, he didn't knew it was going to be forever.

Yes, he had been told by God that being a soul mate meant forever, being cut in two and all that, but he didn't quite understand what forever meant. In the Eden, forever meant happiness, meant sun, meant life. It meant to wake up kissing her and go to sleep being inside her, still kissing her and having her warm body against his. Forever meant watching starry nights with her curled up against him, with her hair like a blanket for both of them.

Forever seemed, actually, like the best idea He could have come up.

But then, the serpent came in. It didn't matter how or what, or that He didn't understand that they eating the apple hadn't been for lack of respect. It had been an act of love, wanting to share everything... He couldn't understand that they were bribed.

And that's when forever turned into a nightmare.

They had to watch their son be killed by his brother, they saw Cain being banned away from them. And still they were together, together when Eve cried, together when Adam was exhausted from work... even in pain and sickness, Adam thought that forever wasn't that bad.

Until Eve died. God's punishment wasn't over. She changed and turned into stone, turned into nothing. She stopped laughing and she stopped breathing, and she stopped kissing him. Adam tried to talk to her, bring her back to him, because that wasn't forever.

That was emptiness, and that was pain, and that wasn't was forever was meant to be.

That's when Adam began to understand forever. It wasn't real. It didn't exist for them, and they were cursed, for forever was a curse without Eve's soft, wonderful body and amazing laugh besides him. He was cursed to look for her always in a world full of faces and bodies, condemned to search her having just one chance to find her every life time.

They've been searching for each other for centuries. He's been a gladiator, a farm boy, a journalist. She's been a ballerina and a princess and a writer. They've been thousands of people, have thousands of families, have loved thousands of other people, even if none of them were the right one. They've been all around the world, immersing into peoples eyes and peoples dreams, feeling hands caressing them that aren't quite the right ones, kisses that aren't the soul melting type -even if they're nice and sweet.

They've been searching for each other for what seems forever, searching for their other half, fearing that maybe they were lost to each other forever.

Until they found each other again. It didn't matter if they didn't remembered when their quest had begun, didn't matter if they had new faces and different eyes, didn't even matter if they had forgotten about they being soul mates. It didn't matter, not really, because after that first kiss, that first touch, that first encounter, they knew it.

They knew happiness. Knew sadness. They knew hope and they knew fear.

And they knew that Adam was just a step back of forever, while his Evie wasn't. And for a moment - or for a year, for him it's almost the same- he was scared, because he knew, deep inside his soul, he couldn't go back to loosing her. One time had been bad enough, and his soul had cried so much, his heart had ached so much for her... no, he couldn't have her again just to lose her. He couldn't handle the idea of her dying, couldn't face the world without her again. He couldn't hurt her, because before doing that he'd prefer to die.

But then, Evie said:

"This moment is all we have, and I don't want to miss it. Tomorrow doesn't exist yet, because it is now when you're besides me, it is now when I'm holding your hand. Could we have just this moment, please?"

And they've had a life of moments. Even if they still fear forever, for what it truly means.

But now that Adam understands what forever truly is, the tears, the pain, the hollowness...

He wouldn't change it at all, for just being able to have one last kiss of his Eve.
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